Technological Developments from Beginning To Present

The development of time over time, the development of technology is growing rapidly.

Modern lifestyle is able to change human lifestyle so that it becomes more dynamic. People are also trying to find new innovations in the field of technology. One of the modern lifestyles of today is the use of the internet, which is accessible to many people from all over the world.

The Internet can help you to keep in touch with many people from anywhere and anytime, without having to be hindered by distance or time.

There are also many other technologies created to facilitate all human activities or jobs. For more details, you can check out the following reviews.

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Understanding Technology In General
Understanding Technology According to Experts
Various Technologies
1. Technology in Economics
2. Information Technology
3. Food Technology
4. Communication Technology

History of Technology
1. Pre-Historic Period
2. Medieval to Modern Era
3. 21st Century

Benefits of Technology
1. Education
2. Communication
3. Business


The word technology itself comes from the word “technologia” or it can also come from the word “techno”. The meaning of both words is skill and knowledge. So the understanding of technology in general is a skill or things that are also related to knowledge. The meaning of the word technology is only limited to objects that have a form such as equipment / machinery.

Over time, the understanding of the word technology is increasingly widespread and not an object that has a form only.

The meaning can be wider than that, it can even be related to objects that do not exist. Examples of this intangible technology include learning methods, business, software, and so on.

Understanding-Technology-According to-Experts

The definition of the technology itself is also put forward by experts whose opinions are very diverse.

Here are some understandings about technology that have been expressed by experts:

  • M. Maryono

The definition of technology according to M Maryono is applied or development of various types of objects / equipment used by humans, or it can also be a system that is in fact able to solve all problems / problems that exist.

  • Jacques Ellil

The definition of technology according to Jacques Ellil is a method that is thorough and rational and leads, in which there are characteristics of efficiency in all activities / activities carried out by every human being.

  • Ms

Technology is defined as an entity either in the form of objects or not, which is created intentionally through all processes in thought and treatment whose function is to achieve a certain value.

Various Technologies

Here are the kinds of technology in human life today:

1. Technology in Economics

Economic progress in various fields such as the economic field can be seen from the financial system used by many people today.

For example, in ancient times purchase and sale transactions were done manually but now began to switch to an online system, where buyers and sellers did not have to face-to-face to transact.

Another financial system that is also increasingly advanced and developed in the field of technology is the presence of e-money, which makes it easier for payment systems in all things.

2. Information Technology

Progress in the field of information can be seen from the ease of everyone in receiving information, one of which is through the internet network and from electronic equipment such as gadgets.

For example, any kind of information that can be viewed directly through various sites on the internet network.

3. Food Technology

Agricultural systems or methods in the field of agriculture that are now used are also more sophisticated.

The system is very different from ancient times, whether in terms of planting, choosing seedlings, or techniques and how to plant them is now much more modern.

4. Communication Technology

The progress of communication can be seen directly from the ease of a person in communicating.

For example, there are many chat applications that can be used by someone in communicating with others, even if separated by distance or time. If you need a reference related to the latest technology and information, get to Thelastsurvivors.

History of Technology

Here is a brief history of technology from time to time:

1. Pre-Historic Period

Technology in this era is only bronze stone and iron materials, or other types of better technologies such as hand-held axes, vessels, swords and so on.

2. Medieval to Modern Era

Technology in this era has undergone developments seen from the many inventions in various fields such as the discovery of tools such as ship navigation, printing presses, algebra and so on.

3. 21st Century

Technology has been growing in various areas of life such as education, household, social, information and so on.


Various findings in the field of technology that are growing rapidly every year make technology able to benefit many people.

Here are some benefits of technology for human life:

1. Education

The previous learning system was a conventional system that provided materials directly to students.

But with the internet education system that can now be done with e-learning system, which makes teachers and learners do not have to face each other in the teaching and learning process.

2. Communication

Still related to the internet, the benefits of technology in the field of communication is also growing as many electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and so on are increasingly facilitating communication.

Communication can be done cheaply and quickly, and of course it gets easier.

3. Business

ATM is a service machine for customers who are able to make all financial transactions easier and faster. This machine is one of the proofs that the technology can be operated automatically, so that the development in the business world is getting faster.

In conclusion, the understanding of this technology is generally a science that is often connected with tools / machines, with the aim to facilitate human life.

Benefits of Using Technology for Education

Technology is referred to as being able to provide ease in various aspects. In terms of education, technology also exerts considerable influence. These two things are increasingly inseparable due to the role of the two who are related to each other.

Some of the benefits of using technology in education have been felt not only by students, but also by educators. Here are among the benefits:

Improving the quality of education

Education is one aspect that is believed to open up opportunities to improve quality of life. However, education that does not run to the maximum will also not have a good impact anyway. Well, the existence of technology can be one way to improve the quality of education. Especially the quality of domestic education.

Technology can be used as a tool to facilitate the teaching process by educators. In addition, it can be used by students to explore more knowledge. If teachers and educators are able to use this technology properly, then the quality of education in Indonesia will also improve.

Supporting media lessons

In teaching and learning activities, it is not uncommon for students to feel saturated with monotonously delivered subject matter. With technology, educators are now able to create alternative ways of teaching that are more interactive. For example, by showing lesson materials through lively presentation slides or with videos that invite students to focus more on learning.

By implementing learning innovations that are more alive than technology, it will be very likely that learning in the classroom will be more enjoyable. Students will also be more eager to receive lesson materials.

Means of information

The benefit that can be obtained from other technologies is the ease of obtaining information. Often when doing chores or getting material that is difficult to learn, students will tend to look for it through the given textbook. But now there is also another alternative that can go through search engines thanks to the advancement of technology.

This ease is often utilized by almost all students and students. In fact, not a few educators use technology to find more information about a subject matter to be delivered.

Usually, to get accurate information about a material, educators and students will refer to a website that has been trusted with a high degree of accuracy. One of them, through an online education portal such as one that provides a lot of information, both for school students, students, and the general public.

Unlimited learning media

When in conditions full of limitations to get an education, technology comes as one of the saviours. For example, when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred at the beginning of the year, teaching and learning activities in schools were forced to be stopped for some time to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In these conditions, technology has become a medium that allows students and teachers to learn to teach without face-to-face. Teachers and students can do the learning process through video conferences, sending tasks and materials via group chat to email.

Indirectly, Covid-19 makes educators and students rely 100 percent on technology in the learning process. At first, it may take habituation because the online learning process is something new in the world of education. But, when viewed from the other side, technology has become a learning media helper without any restrictions on conditions.

So, that’s the benefit that can be taken from the exist of technology in the world of education. There are many benefits that can be obtained if the technology is used properly and will certainly further improve the quality of education of the Indonesian people.